Time of Isolation Bk 1 Survival


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Sampson sighed. This paperwork is driving me crazy. Why do we have it anyway? He imagined that somewhere underneath their city there had to be a depository where all of this useless stuff was stored. He suspected it would probably be enough to heat all the areas for many generations – That of course if they needed heat. Still theirs was one of the many cities hidden deep inside the desolation. So heat was the last thing they needed. He looked up and saw one of the under-workers approaching, and paused. It was obvious she wanted to talk. “Yes?”

 “Sir, we just received word that Terra has gone silent, and since we are the closest, we need to try and reestablish contact with her.” 

Another one, he thought. What’s going on? Standing he sent the signal for the team’s attention. “We have another city that has gone silent and we are the closest. Let’s get to it and see if we can reestablish communications. I don’t have to tell you how critical this is. On the board will be the emergency frequencies, and codes. Let’s get to it!”

Theirs is one of the many advanced cities hidden deep inside the desolation. An area where nobody should be able to live and it is this reason they are unknown to the outside world of the primitives. In comparison their population is small, and as such, if they were ever discovered it is feared they would be destroyed. Yet, there would be no reason for the primitives to enter the desolation. To them it is death, a place where their gods and the spirits of the dead reside – A place to shun. So if not the primitives, what is it that’s causing cities to go dark?

Desperate to Survive Bk 2 Survival


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K’jor looked upon the mighty army that he alone commanded. In a sense if he is filled with pride he has the right. He is the first to create this great alliance; he is the first to discover the hidden lairs of sorcerers and magicians hidden deep inside of the desolation. And he and this army have been successful in rooting out and destroying many of these hidden lairs.

 Yet, all is not well. Yes they’ve increased their herds, their slaves, and their wealth, but the expected results have not arrived. It is this reason he believes there are still other lairs hidden deep inside the desolation. And until they are destroyed he, as well as the clans and tribes, will not see those expected results come to fruition. So the hunt continues . . . 

Hidden deep in the Sacred Mountains Saige stares out from the meeting room of the Alpha knowing that if they do not come up with a solution to these attacks that they, as a people, will no longer exist. However it happened, the primitives learned of their existence and have been seeking out their hidden cities and destroying them one-by-one. Now he and nine others – the remnant of a scout team – have been tasked with ending this undeclared war. 

Yes, only ten to turn the tide of death and destruction. Only ten who are to rescue the victims from the fallen cities. Only ten who must locate the valley where the primitives gather to prepare their campaigns. And only ten who must bring peace to this world. How can ten defeat the combined might of the primitive alliance? This is the question they are facing; knowing if they fail it is over. And that failure will lead to the survivors being forced into the herds and slavery, leading them to pain, suffering, misery, and death. 

 And the stage is set, leaving them desperate to solve these life-threatening issues . . . thusly leaving them desperate to survive.

A Taste of History Past Bk 3 Survival


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The time of the clans and tribes is now ancient history. It is a time of growth, of villages, and farms with much of the lands tamed. There are centers for learning, and teams attempting to unravel the past. Yet much of what has taken place in those ancient times is considered myth. Especially the period of time, dealing with that first alliance, where K’jor brought together the warring clans and tribes to destroy a hidden enemy living deep in the desolation. Their cycles of the seasons, 1503 presently, as they track time, came from one of those mythological meetings between this first alliance and their gods. With what is known presently this encounter is impossible so it must be something their ancestors created, adding to the myth theory. Yet with this event being so deep in the past even the valley where this supposedly took place has been lost to history. Into this present world a young baker and his mate begin to question the present version of their past. This comes about because of a gift. It is a written record of this world handed down through the generations of his family, and it counters much of what is believed to be fact. They decide to search the lands, the places and locations spoken of in this massive record, and then compare it to the official version. This leads to conflict with the leaders of the learned who suspect that the young couple have a document and want it for themselves. And thusly begins this adventure where one side wants what is known to remain as the official truth, and the other only seeking answers to the questions that lay before them.

The Ones Before Bk 1 Discovery


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The myths have always been. They speak of an ancient people far advanced of where they are today. Yet, nothing has been found to show the Ones Before had ever existed, or lived sometime in the deep past. Still, those in the present time had to come from somewhere, why not the Ones Before? Jllon, the Head Keeper of the Past, hoped to put these myths to rest. Yet, other leaders have tried to either prove or disprove their existence – to no avail. They only found artifacts and writings that were of their own known past. The Ones Before were like the dust in the wind – seemingly existing in their consciousness, but having no real substance – disappearing when the winds ceased. So how does one begin, and where does one go to search . . . that is the question isn’t it? If the Ones Before existed then somewhere there has to be proof. After all, it is a mystery that should be solved. And with this push to map the major trails and remote villages, maybe that time is now.

Discovery Bk 2 Discovery


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With the discoveries in the desert, bringing exhilaration to the team, time is short. Summer will be arriving and as such it will be time to move onto the second suspected location of the elusive Ones Before. Still, what they’ve found here will change their world forever. While the desert discoveries are important, critical really, they truthfully tell little about these ancient people, leaving too many unanswered questions. Yet other problems arise leaving them with a dilemma as how to protect what they’ve uncovered, what has been discovered here. Time alone is the great destroyer attacking what has been revealed.  As they look to the future, and their discoveries from the past, and prepare to make this move, will what they’ve found here be the only proof or will this be the beginning of greater finds and answers to those many questions? Time, the great leveler and equalizer, is the only one who can answer, and time, at the present, is silent.

An Ancient Fire Bk 3 Discovery


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The world has gone to hell. It is a world where no one is guaranteed tomorrow, let alone today. Three generations in the past the earth came close to being destroyed leaving few alive. Now those few who are left wonder if the raiding armies of slavers, raiders, and the worst scum of the earth will drive them to extinction. Little survives to show the glory and advancements that defined the world. And what is left is being scavenged to the point that soon there will nothing left to show their past. One family, barely avoiding the fate of others, has found refuge and isolation in the desert. Yet, their peace will not last as the worst of these armies camp close to their hidden home. This army then begins searching the surrounding area. Can they avoid discovery? And if discovered all will be lost, as the men will be tortured and killed, the women raped, followed by the survivors and their children being sold into slavery – a fate far worse than death. And with fear and rising tensions their hope is to remain undiscovered. Since this other future is too terrible to contemplate.

Stand Alone Novels


The Harsh Lands - The Complete Survival Trilogy in a Single Novel

Their history spoke of a great war where their ancestors had left their lands, and created their hidden cities, deep inside the desolation. A place where no one could live let alone the tribes or clans.   This great war, bringing the survivors outside the desolation back to a primitive state. The primitives to this day continue to fight among themselves, with no apparent knowledge of their true advanced past.  And because of the harsh lands where the cities dwell, they felt safe with their advances and their illusions. The cities knew they’d remain untouched, unknown, and undiscovered. Yet, something has changed and cities have gone silent. No warning, no sense of impending doom or disaster. Is it a natural catastrophe? Or is it something more . . .


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946179-00-5 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-946179-01-2 Epub ISBN: 978-1-946179-02-9

Science Fiction Adventure. Over 1150 pages in length. Available in Paperback, and EBook formats. It encompasses all three novels of the Survival Trilogy. 



Unexpected Unplanned and into the Unknown

In a post-apocalyptic world of walled villages, raider clans, and trading centers Jay is about to enter the world of adults. But before he does he has one last goal to reach. And with this his world will change forever. In a post-apocalyptic world where the event is no more than myth, Jay, a young male is about to enter into the world of adults. Still he feels he must accomplish a lifelong dream before making that transition. Since the time of childhood he stared at the dizzying heights of those mountain peaks behind their village and he wanted to conquer them. Once he becomes an adult, then such thoughts must go away. The world of adults is about what is important, what is necessary to survive, what needs to be done to protect their village, and to help wherever and whenever necessary. So, with less time available he begins his quest not knowing that it will change his life forever. And once he goes through those gates nothing, absolutely nothing will be the same. His known world will end, and before he realizes it death will be a close companion. And with this, time will reveal to him more than he ever imagined or knew existed. And thusly begins the adventure of Jay in this Post-Apocalyptic episodic novel where he and his sister must overcome the tragedies in their lives, and encompass a hostile world that exists outside their village walls, and somehow confront an unknown past and future.


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946179-15-9 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-946179-16-6 Epub ISBN:978-1-946179-17-3

Post-Apocalyptic.  Over 380 pages in length. Available in Paperback and EBook formats.


Of Gods Strangers and Messengers

The Shimmering Barrier: Dazed and confused, TimOtee stood motionless watching that shimmering barrier of death. He was alone – separated from his family and friends. Nothing could have prepared him for this, and it’s left him unready, fearful, and desperate. What he faces is beyond incredible, completely unimaginable, or anything he might have seen in his wildest and darkest nightmares.  

The Strangers: Just before this shimmering barrier arrived he saw, from a great distance, strangers approaching his home. 

The Danger: And if one approached, this shimmering barrier fills the air with sounds that warn everybody to stay away or die. What can be happening on the other side, and is his family still alive? 

The Farmland: The rich land that surrounds him is vacant as all have fled in the face of this present danger.  

Home: Seemingly gone forever. Until he lost his home, he couldn’t imagine how such a loss would affect him personally. Finding home again becomes all-consuming for TimOtee. He learns that without family or his home, he is and has nothing. 

TimOtee: This fantastic adventure from the past that he relates to his great grandson –  TimOtee knows that what he speaks is true. Yet his namesake cannot believe this old one in front of him could have ever lived such a dangerous life. It seems impossible!


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946179-12-8 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-946179-13-5 Epub ISBN: 978-1-946179-14-2

Science Fiction Adventure. Over 460 pages in length. Available in Paperback and EBook formats