Stand Alone Novels


The Woman in the Snow

Cathy looked out upon the scene that surrounded her – nothing but forest. That last weak winter storm had left little behind to even state there had been a storm. In her mind it signaled an end to winter. It’s time to be on the road. She missed her fiancé desperately, and with impatience began that familiar route to his home. College finals were winding down and she was eager to be with Keith.

 She’d been warned that there could be other storms, but the forecast spoke of a few cold and clear days. And she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity that was presented. Now she only had to travel those backroads through a heavily forested area. She’d traveled those roads so often she could do it in her sleep. Yet . . .  

After leaving Hillstown things changed suddenly, and instead of that planned happy meeting with her future husband she finds she’s fighting for her very life. Black ice has caused her to crash, and no one knows where she is. Now her impatience has come back to haunt her and she finds herself alone – so very alone. She has no skills to survive, and knows there’s a great chance she will die. An unbeliever, will she turn to God for help, or will she perish? And speaking of God what plans does He have for her?


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946179-03-6 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-946179-04-3 Epub ISBN: 978-1-946179-05-0

Contemporary Christian Fiction. Over 280 pages in length. Available in Paperback and the EBook format.